Upgrading Keg-Auth

While we attempt to preserve backward compatibility, some KegAuth versions do introduce breaking changes. This list should provide information on needed app changes.

  • 0.6.0 - OIDC authenticator (deprecated) has been removed. Use OAuth with configured profiles instead. - Model testing_create renamed to fake (follows KegElements 0.8.0)
    • Template files now follow keg’s more recent naming scheme to use dashes instead of underscores. E.g. keg_auth/crud-list.html became keg-auth/crud-list.html
    • keg-elements/form-view.html and keg-elements/grid-view.html are now available, so are used as bases for CRUD templates. form-base.html has been removed.
    • KegElements now handles Select2 css/js inclusion in its form-view.html template. That has been removed from KegAuth.